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Famous House Cleaning Tips

No one likes cleaning the house, unless you're one of those people who release some steam by cleaning the house, then good for you! But let's get serious, if you don't have money to hire a house cleaning service, then you have no choice. Want it or not you have to stop becoming a sloth and start cleaning the house. But as we said before cleaning the house is an annoying chore and if you're not good at cleaning, we got you. In this article that we've made, we have some famous cleaning tips for your house so do read more if you're curious about it.

Buy a Cordless Vacuum

vacuumHaving a regular vacuum is nice as they can suck up the dust in your house and on the rug as well. Alas, dragging the big machine and plugging it in is very annoying, and if you by any chance pulled it too strong, you're going to unplug it, and you may trip something on the process of doing it. So, we suggest that you get a cordless vacuum as it spares the hassle of a regular vacuum. And at the same time, they are usually much smaller than a regular vacuum, which makes it easier to get to every rooks and cranny.


If you have a lot of stuff then maybe it's time to declutter. Decluttering your house makes your space a lot freer since you're throwing away all of the stuff that you need. For example, throw away that fancy paper wrap that you're not going to use anymore. Donate or sell all the clothes that you're not going to wear if they're still in good condition of course.

All in one Solution

lime juiceIf you don't have any cleaning solution or you ran out at your house, why not make one on your own? 2 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid and 2 cups of water will do, but if you want a more natural cleaning solution then don't worry because we got you. Lemon juice, vinegar, and water are what you need for a natural cleaning solution.

Lint Roller

If you have pets, then you're going to have a love-hate relationship with them. You love them, but you hate how their hair gets everywhere. A tip from us is to get a lint roller to get every hair out. Perfect for the rug, couch, your clothes and you can say goodbye to their hair.