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How to Find the Right Condo

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Condo living is an option for many people. Land in the city is becoming scarce, and developers are no longer building stand-alone houses. Condos are the best way to satisfy the large housing market. When it comes to condo living, you need to find the right condo depending on your lifestyle and location.

Singapore has a good condo market, and you can find some of the best condos in the world. When buying a condo, consider features and also other external factors.


The first thing to check is the location of the condo. A good condo location is usually the selling point. When buying a condo, make sure that it is close to the city. Proximity to the city is important so that you can enjoy close proximity to restaurants and even workplace.

The condos should also be located in a good neighborhood for safety reasons. The location of the condo will depend on your lifestyle and what is important to you.

Payment Plan

The payment plans for the condo play an important role. Most of the time, people prefer to buy condos off-the-plan. With this type of arrangement, you will make the payment in installments. Installments reduce the burden because you do not have to pay everything at once.

However, you can still look for financing and pay a condo that is already constructed. If you are patient, buying a condo off-the-plan will end up being cheaper in the long-run.

Condo Developer

Think about the condo developer when buying a condo. You need to buy a condo from a developer with a good reputation. Buying a condo will involve a lot of trust and honesty, especially when buying off-the-plan. You need to know that the condo developer will deliver the needed results.

It is advisable to do some background check just be sure. Doing a background check will help you to know the financial position of the developer and their past projects. You can use the information to make informed choices.


Features of the Condo

Checking the features of the condo is very important to get the best condo. You can check aspects like the number of rooms, fittings and also the general layout.

These are features that might affect the type of condo that you might buy. Remember to check extra features like security, kids play area, gym and anything else that might be important to you.…

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Condo


Buying a condo is a good investment. You can buy a condo and make it your home, or you can buy one later rent it. No matter how you want to use your condo, make sure that you get value for your money.

Before you make the big step and buy a condo, do some research to determine what you want. Buying a condo is a big step, and you need to go about it the right way. You need to remember that buying a condo is just like buying a home. Leedon Green has the best condos in Singapore. Here are factors to consider before buying a condo:

Property Developers

Before buying a condo, it is a good idea to look at the property developers. In case you are buying off-the-plan you need to check the people responsible for building the condo units. Take time and vet the developer to make sure that they can do a good job.

One of the ways to vet a developer is to look at their past projects. You will be able to judge their performance based on their previous projects. You can also look at their financial standing to determine whether they have the financial capacity to do the job.

Type of Condo

It is also advisable to determine the type of condo that you want to buy. The kind of condo that you buy will depend on your lifestyle. If you are a single person, buy a condo that will be able to support your single lifestyle.

Most of the condo developers will also advise you on the best condo, depending on your lifestyle. We have condos that are ideal for single people, students, and even small families.

Management of The Property

You need to know the person who will be responsible for managing the condo before making that purchase. You will be working closely with the management company, so it is only wise to know the person who will be responsible for the daily management of the condo. Before you make a commitment and buy the condo, take time, and read the terms of condo management.

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Terms of Payment

Financing is also essential when buying a condo. Most of the condos are sold off-the-plan, and this means that you have to consider paying for the condo is phases.

Remember to ask how the payment will be done to make sure that you are comfortable with the payment arrangement offered.…